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Vibrant matter

Vibrant matter

Vibrant matter is a visible mist composition that engages with the invisible world of negative ions in space. Using an Air Ion Counter, it measures these ions and translates them into tangible vibrations. This exploration begins at the molecular level, where empty space transforms into a continuous vibration of minuscule particles. This revelation underscores the limitations of human perception and offers insight into why humanity often places itself on a hierarchical top of the Anthropocene, seeing the world solely from our own perspective.

The work delves into the perspective of molecular particles, a realm beyond human perception. It makes this microscopic level tangible, guiding viewers from the minutiae of molecules to the grandeur of nature. The message is clear: make room for the chaos of nature and relinquish some control.

The work explores the molecular vibrations of negatively charged electrons, which disperse when two water molecules collide (Lenard effect). These electrons then bind to atmospheric atoms, forming negative ions—atoms with extra electrons. Humans continually inhale these negative ions, which appear to stimulate the production of serotonin, our happiness hormone.