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Studying the acoustic ecology of marine environments can help us better understand the complex interactions between organisms and their surroundings, and it's an important field of research for marine biologists and environmental scientists.

In Noctiluca you experience the enchanting world of Noctiluca Scintillans, also known as sea sparkle, through an immersive installation that explores its bioluminescent beauty.

These single-celled organisms, residing in nutrient-rich saltwater oceans, face natural threats, including shrimps. In response, Noctiluca triggers a captivating chemical reaction, resulting in bioluminescence. This mesmerizing natural light arises from the interaction of luciferin and luciferase molecules in the presence of oxygen.

In their oceanic habitat, Noctiluca responds to specific underwater vibrations, often from waves and swimming fish. To capture these elusive sounds beyond human perception, Sarah developed a hydrophone.
With these hydrophone recordings, she collaborated with Chander Beerthuis to create an immersive composition experience for Noctiluca Scintillans.

A central pump generates gentle waves, inducing bioluminescence in the Noctiluca. The soundscape blends hydrophone-recorded stage sounds with the ambient ocean, delivering an audiovisual spectacle. This interaction forms a mesmerizing feedback loop between the audience and the performers, creating an immersive audiovisual experience.