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Dans van het zand

Extended Umwelt

In EXTENDED UMWELT I argue that if we become aware of the fact that everything around us is in constant motion of vibrations, perhaps we would see that we as human beings are only one element of so many more elements in nature. In this way, we could let go of our control over Gaia’s systems and leave more room for nature’s chaos. The experience of receiving vibrations beyond our senses will help us to create a new perception of our human­ centred perspective of the Anthropocene.

We should understand our position as species as just one element of many more. There is one common language we share with all these other elements which is vibration, far more than only the visible vibration. Trough vibration we are able to connect with the non-human. By guiding the reader trough all our senses (according to Rudolf Steiner twelve), I explain how our perception is limited but how we are able to trigger our mind to experience more than we would receive from this first perception. Bridging the different disciplines of art and science allows us to become aware of the invisible vibrations and will give us a glimpse into another Umwelt.

Graphic designer
Eva van Bemmelen